To Post or Not to Post…

To Post or Not to Post…

Hello and welcome to my first post, ever…  No, that’s not how I want to start, too dramatic and generic.

How about… I know things.  Not national security, top secret, classified things, like a Tom Clancy movie, and not enough to fill a bestselling book, or deliver a pithy Ted Talk, or write a blog post that garners 1,000 hits or followers in a day, but maybe some things useful enough to help a few people.  Not change their lives, but shed light on an idea they have or offer just the right piece of advice that helps solve a problem or make a connection.  Of course none of that matters if I don’t communicate it to them, but if I don’t know who those people are then how am I able to get to them.  I blog.

So here’s something I know: grip it and forget it.  You’re saying, “What?”  If you want to throw a good change-up in baseball, you need to grip the ball (with any of the various change-up grips), forget you’re throwing a change-up, and throw a fastball.  Works brilliantly with younger players (high school on down) who don’t want to trust throwing a “slow ball.”

There you have it.  Maybe that little tidbit is meaningless to you.  Certainly you weren’t expecting to find it here on this website (you probably won’t see baseball tips on here again, so soak it up).  However, perhaps you have a son who’s trying to become a better pitcher, which means maybe I just helped you out.  It doesn’t mean he’ll get drafted by the Cubs in the 3rd round of the MLB draft and be the Cy Young/MVP winner when the Cubs finally win the World Series again (sorry Cub fans), but maybe he’ll improve because of what I know, which you now know.

As I sat here, staring at my computer thinking about what to write, I reminisced about all the things I know or can do from reading other blogs.  And it piled up quickly.  Which caused me to ask the question, “What have I contributed?”  The scales are not in my favor on that one, so here I am trying to give back.

You know things too.  Why not Blog about them?  You might find your Tribe (as Seth Godin would say) or at least help somebody out.  Who knows, maybe you’ll win an award for your work.

So in the end it is clear to me,

…To Post