Shout out to Fine Arts!

So often our fine arts get lost in the mix of Common Core, Iowa Core, Math and Literacy initiatives, etc – and they definitely shouldn’t! Art and music were some of my favorite classes in school, and continue to be favorites of my own children. But teachers are asking where they fit into this picture. The answer is collaboratively. But we’ll come back to that.

So what does Fine Arts education look like in a 21st century/Common Core world?

Visual Arts and Music could team up like this.

Or you might use those to make an ELA connection like this:

Poetry, Art, and Music

The Iowa Alliance for Arts Education has put together some powerful resources as well, recognizing the need for fine arts in the classroom. Here’s an example of how general music aligns with the Iowa Core.

How about creating a Music Education PLN on Twitter? There is a chat for music educators on Monday nights at 7pm (Central) using #musedchat.

CybraryMan has a whole library of resources about music education and arts education! Try checking out Pinterest!

When it comes right down to it, I think we’re finding more and more often that the place the fine arts is in collaboration with others. Music and math work together so nicely. Art and design and architecture and engineering all fit together. Music and art have played monumental roles in history and language arts. Numerous arts councils and libraries and online groups are committed to keeping the arts alive through cross-curricular collaboration.

My challenge to you is this: Find one way this month that you (as a fine arts teacher) can connect with another content area, or more importantly, how you (the gen ed teacher/”core” teacher) can connect with the underutilized but fabulously talented fine arts people in your building. Then share your work! Who cares about content silos when we can help students create more exciting, more meaningful, more visible pieces of work?! Go!