Stop! In the name of…. learning!

Stop! In the name of…. learning!

I hope you sang the title to yourself just like I did when I was typing it. If you didn’t you should probably try it again – it’s more fun that way.

During the wave of early outs due to heat a couple weeks ago I got the chance to go back to NEH (where I spent my first 4 years teaching) and “play” with the staff one afternoon. We did some work with stop motion videos, all the teachers created them, and then talked about what that might look like in the classroom. The next morning I was invited back into the classroom with the Kindergarten and 3rd graders to give it a try with kids! They shared some of their great work with me, and now I want to share it with you!

The Kindergarten/3rd grade buddies decided to work with letters and letter recognition and numbers/counting. They had to count the number of legos they added and number of body parts/additions they added to their alpha people (for example, they had to add TWELVE parts to their alpha people). They took turns taking pictures, drawing, and stacking legos.

One student told me, “It was fun. My favorite part on my ‘mouse bird’ was making the bird feet, and my favorite part of the legos was putting on the wheels. The lego was called ‘lego time’… my favorite part of the videos was making it.”

Here is some of their work!

And here!

And another…

One more!

It was so much fun to see the two grades work together, incorporate some play, and now be able to share their learning on their YouTube channel. Kudos to Mrs. Tammy Massman (@tammymassman) and Mrs. Janelle Oakland for diving right in! I can’t wait to see what you continue to do with your students!