2013 Clarity Data Item 03: Digital Citizenship

2013 Clarity Data Item 03: Digital Citizenship

How much time each year do educators in the Prairie Lakes AEA region spend addressing digital citizenship issues with students?

As the data below show, not much. And when they do, they’re more likely to address the ‘be safe, be careful, don’t do this’ lecturing aspects of digital citizenship rather than the ‘here’s how you create a productive (and potentially powerful) online presence’ empowering aspects of digital citizenship. Two common reasons behind these results are that:

  • educators aren’t digitally- and online-savvy enough to facilitate complex discussions about digital citizenship, and/or
  • educators think that teaching about digital citizenship is the responsibility of someone else (such as the librarian or computer teacher).

2013 Clarity Data 03

n = 1,138 teachers

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