Sharing Dots

Sharing Dots

Last week, Albert City Elementary School celebrated #dotday for the first time, but I am certain it won’t be the last! In connection with Grandparent’s Day, students thought about the message of the dot! I came to the school and read the book to each elementary class. I asked each group to consider something they thought they could not do, and then I asked them to think about the special person who believed that they could do the very thing once thought impossible. I asked them to consider the special teacher, special friend, special relative that has helped them and that continues to help them “make their mark”. Each class continued the conversation reflecting on their “dot” and discussing their “mark”.


The school honored Grandparents and special friends by drawing pictures and writing special messages with chalk on the sidewalk. Several classes designed their dots using construction paper and several classes used augmented reality to view their colored dots in 3D form. Students ended the week celebrating with their grandparents and special friends. I am certain as visitors walked into AC-T, they were impressed with the beautiful drawings and sentiments.

Peter H. Reynolds writes children’s books, but his books are audience inclusive. Many themes run throughout the pages-the book’s message truly transcends age and stage. One of my favorite lines reflects one of the important messages, “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” Those who try are brave. Their is courage in trying because failure is an option when we try. Sometimes what we fear keeps us from doing, from creating,  and from contributing. But just as the book demonstrates… our attempt and our work can inspire another to “make a mark”. That is powerful, and because it is powerful, it is worthy of celebration!

Thank you, AC-T Elementary Principal, Mr. Cody Tibbetts, for letting me share in this great day!

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