Where are you AT?

Where are you AT?

How familiar are you with the Assistive Technology available to you, your district, and most importantly, your STUDENTS?

This morning my sister, a Wells Fargo Loan Document Specialist, shared a story with me about how AT changed someone’s life.

Several WF employees were working on home preservation when a customer came in. The customer was having some troubles with his loan, and also had a hearing disability. The team offered him an iPad with an “On Demand Interpreting” app loaded on it that gave the customer an opportunity to use an interpreter to communicate with his Home Preservation Specialist via sign language , and ultimately offered the gentleman a mortgage modification.

Wells Fargo made sure to meet the needs of their customer. How are you making sure to meet the needs of your students? How are you helping your students find ways to advocate for themselves and their needs?  This story made my entire day.  This one app helped change a man’s life.

So… where are you AT? Are you empowering? Are you changing lives? Changing educational experiences?

If you’re not sure, or the answer is maybe not what you’d like it to be, Prairie Lakes has an awesome AT team, and their resources are open to use as a starting point!