As an English teacher, I incorporated infographics not only as an option to share learning, but as a text to analyze. Since infographics display data, it is imperative we teach analysis and discernment of information. No matter the content, no matter the age, infographics can be utilized. An infographic is often overlooked as a creative option to combine data and design, and is often overlooked as an option for students to showcase their research, data collection, and understanding.

Betsy Schoelerman, FFA advisor, agriculture and family consumer science educator at Clay Central Everly Community School, values student contribution and creation. When she shared her desire for students to showcase learning via poster, I immediately thought of the possibilities with infographics.  Mrs. Schoelerman gave her students several of the options I had shared, and their favorite infographic creation site was Students appreciated the option to explore, and the opportunity to showcase learning. Mrs. Schoelerman is an advocate for meaningful classroom experiences, “Technology integration is something that I strive to do on a daily basis.  CC/E is fortunate to be a 1:1 school and technology opens up so many doors for students.  The opportunity to let them [students] choose what their creation will be is priceless.”

Mrs. Schoelerman’s student example: Service Learning Project 

I have to agree…providing students the opportunity to have a voice and have a choice is priceless. Creating an infographic just happens to be one of those opportunities.

A Few of my Favorite Infographic Options:

For more information, links, and examples, see Kathy Shrock’s Guide to Everything: Infographics and TeachThought