Whose School Is It Anyway?

Whose School Is It Anyway?

George Couros’ blog,  What if . . .? inspired me to write this post. He posed questions that he had pondered when thinking about great organizations and administration.  During the fall sports season, I have been observing all of the opportunities where students could be involved instead of adults.  So I decided to brainstorm some What ifs? as I thought about students replacing the adults in just one aspect of the school environment.   

What if students designed the programs for all events?

What if students created the school PR publications? (print, video, web, etc.)

What if students assisted the adults by judging during cheerleading tryouts?

What if students choreographed the cheerleading and dance routines?

What if students chose the marching band music and designed the marching band formations?

What if students organized workers for all games and school events?

What if students were in charge of the athletic apparel and school spirit gear? (designing, printing, creating new products, buying, selling, marketing, etc.)

What if students sang the national anthem at all sporting events?

What if students announced during fine arts and sporting events?

What if students ran all aspects of the concession stand?

What if students took tickets at the gate?

What if students broadcasted games and other school events for others to hear?

What if students streamed the sporting events and other school events for others?

What if students photographed the student athletes, cheerleaders, and student body?

What if students tweeted out all of the highlights for others to follow?

What if students recorded games or other school events and made highlight videos to share on the school’s Youtube channel?

What if students created a school Facebook account to keep others informed of events and other special activities occurring in the district?

How different would your school be if students took on these roles? 

What additional what ifs can you add or better yet your students add? How can you change your what ifs to reality?