I was in sixth grade when I won the local “What the flag means to me…” Elk’s Club sponsored writing contest.  I was given a savings bond, and I was invited to read my essay to a crowd gathered at the bandshell park during the annual Memorial Day ceremony. The 200+ people in attendance heard my writing.  I knew then I longed for an audience. I wanted others to hear my writing and to hear my voice. My teacher helped me reach that audience. As a teacher, I helped students reach an audience whether it was online publication or contest submission. There are infinite avenues for authentic audience. We, educators, can make that match-writer to reader, listener to speaker. I am thankful Mrs. Bobst in sixth grade connected me.

Our connected world invites contribution-whether that is a contest entry or a published post.

A Few Contests I saw in my Twitter Feed…(thank you, PLN)

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