Gratitude Giving

Gratitude Giving

There are numerous digital technologies to help in spreading a spirit of gratitude. While a hand-written note is by far my favorite, this post is dedicated to a few ways you can spread appreciation during Thanksgiving.

1. Fotobabble: Take a picture, upload, record audio message, save, and send the link

2. PicMonkey: Take a picture of you holding a blank piece of paper, upload picture into PicMonkey, use photo edits including the text feature and type a note on the piece of paper you are holding, save. You can email or print the picture and send

3. Animoto: Create a video of thanks, you can take pictures-edited or unedited, upload, make video, save, and send a link

4. Imagechef: Create a word cloud or an image sharing your appreciation, send link

5. Voki/Telegami: Create an avatar with a personalized message, send link

I encourage you to let someone know how much you appreciate their contribution. We all can run the last mile on appreciation.  Whether it be for our students, our coworkers, our administrators, our support staff, our parents, our neighbors, our families…sincere appreciation in the form of a note, a hug, a high-five, a digital creation, or a simply spoken ‘thank you’ is golden.