PD, Fun?

PD, Fun?


PD should not be this much fun…

Each month, one of my PLAEA coworkers and I go to Pocahontas Catholic Elementary School to share apps for the purpose of student learning and creativity. Last week, Prairie Lakes Assistive Technology Coordinator, Tiffanie Dau, accompanied me. She and I shared Aviary and Our Story. During our time with teachers, Tiffanie showed a sample finished product, and we then started the process of creating. Using Aviary, I showed how to edit photos to illustrate the story. Using Our Story, Tiffanie showed how the application can be used to create a story with the edited photos, text, and narrated text.


We all laughed. Teachers created. We all laughed. We discussed how this would work with students. We discovered. Teachers planned. We created. We shared. We celebrated. And we laughed some more. As we were concluding, one of the appreciative teachers commented, “PD should not be this much fun.” Sometimes learning is difficult, and difficult is not always entertaining. But imagine, if we had more opportunities to enjoy our learning and to create while we learn. Imagine if our students were given the same courtesy.

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