Talking the Talk…Walking the Talk…

Talking the Talk…Walking the Talk…

Talking the Talk…
From the beginning of my career, I knew throwing down the word ‘rigor’ just as a master card player proudly displays the needed Ace would be to my benefit especially if my ‘rigor’ card was accompanied by the beautiful Queen, relevance. When asked about assessment, I had better thread formative and summative into a response stitched with accountability, decorated with a patchwork of feedback and rubric and evaluation.And as technology became recognized on education’s main stage, a need to describe the event became a necessity. Sweetly singing a melody of tech as a tool, students as curators and collaborators, and teachers as facilitators, a song of understanding effective instruction was heard.

 But there is a problem.
What I say is not what is…necessarily. What I say is not what I understand…necessarily.

Talking the Talk to Walking the Talk…
I have been impressed by professionals who have an ability to articulate, to reference research, and to quote respected educational leaders. But I have been more impressed by professionals who demonstrate-by professionals who walk the talk. I have been amazed by professionals who are transparent learners. I have been inspired by professionals who create a classroom that is a “bright spot” in their students’ day. I have been inspired by professionals who serve as role models. I have been humbled by professionals who do all of this without want of recognition.

Walking the Talk…Silently
Sometimes, I fear, we miss the awesome. Not because it isn’t there, but because awesome has not added to the conversation. And maybe awesome has not added to the conversation because they are modest, or they do not know they are amazing, or they are too busy being awesome…There are passionate and enthusiastic educators effecting positive change. They are walking the talk…silently.

But there is a problem.
What I see is not what everyone is able to see…and I want others to learn from the best. I want others to be inspired.

Walking the Talk…Sharing
We are moved by the story. The one where your student who was not motivated amazed you with with a stellar class contribution. The one where students read and wrote more than your wildest dreams. The one where you failed, and then you tried again. The one where you decided to commit yourself to the teaching vocation. The one where you reach the once thought unreachable.  The one where you almost gave up, but someone said something that sustained your quest. Share that because it moves us all. Share because your light will spill onto our path. And we need that light, for we can’t see your walk when we are in the dark.