One of my Many Fails on the Learning Journey

One of my Many Fails on the Learning Journey

I was new to Twitter. The concept that people would actually respond to me was still fresh, and the idea someone liked what I wrote enough to favorite my 140 characters…well, I was more than honored. But that honor did not compare to my first inclusion in…(drum roll)…

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 8.11.38 PM

Similar to what I saw in my early Twitter days

I saw a tweet with a newspaper mentioning me: Stories via @eolsonteacher. I was ecstatic. I experienced the initial explosion of excitement with the first retweet of my tweet, the thrill of another favoriting my words…but a newspaper-wow! Now, I know I did not go so far as to call my relatives and let them know I had been published. I am certain I did not scream aloud with joy. No, I take that back. I probably did scream for joy. I probably called someone to share my big news! Of course, I just had to thank the person who included me in their newspaper. So I did. I thanked them for including me in their newspaper. I thanked them for including me in their newspaper:

And then IT happened…one of my many fails on the learning journey!

I was enlightened with a friendly private message from a new Twitter professional learning friend. No one had published me in their newspaper. is one of many automated content curators. My tweets were entering the user’s Twitter feed, and her Twitter feed is what created the content on her newspaper. I was embarrassed momentarily, but I was over that embarrassment the minute I learned how worked. I laugh about my mistake. I have no problem sharing what I tried and what did not work just as I have no problem sharing what did.

I have learned so much since I entered Twitterland. I am amazed. I am honored to continue to learn from and with passionate educators. I am humbled by how much others know and are sharing and how much I am still and always will be learning. One of my many fails on the learning journey actually lead to more learning.

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