Fort Dodge 7th grade Readers & Movie Producers

Fort Dodge 7th grade Readers & Movie Producers

Students in Sara Fitzgerald’s class are ready for the big screen! They had their first experience with movie production using Animoto for the purpose of showing understanding. Sara explains:

…we just finished up a quick research project using Animoto! We are in the middle of a unit on fear, and the students researched a phobia of their choice and created a video to explain their understanding. I created a class Google doc, and the students linked their video to this document, so we could access them all from one page. Then we were able to quickly view each student’s video from that. The kids really liked presenting their information this way, and it was much quicker than I thought!

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.02.45 AM

Created by @eolsonteacher

Check out the student productions, and feel free to leave positive feedback for their work on this post: Fort Dodge 7th Grade Movies. Kudos to Sara Fitzgerald for utilizing technology as a means for students to create and to publish-I can’t wait to see what is next! Thank you, Fort Dodge 7th grade readers for sharing your talents with us!