Shoes and Tools

Shoes and Tools

As I began packing away my summer shoes (sandals) to make room for my fall and winter collection (boots), I started to think about techie tools.

Considering my shoe purchases, I buy for a specific engagement-heels for a special occasion or flats for the school year. Perhaps something new and improved replaces what is now considered archaic. Perhaps the latest trend drives the addition. And that can be dangerous…(wearers of flatforms with ligaments torn would attest).

Just as I have more shoes than I regularly wear, I have more apps and extensions than I regularly use. I tend to install apps and extensions that I want to try on…testing the functionality and flare.  Sometimes, I delete, sometimes, I keep. I must admit there are apps and extensions living in purchased purgatory-have not used, have not deleted.

I do not condone the purchase of more. I do not promote the purchase of more.  I advocate for organization, so when purpose is proposed, one can go to their closet and choose the best app/extension. I have favorite shoes I wear often; I have favorite apps and extensions I use often. I am finding that is what I truly appreciate. The timeless, tried, and true techie tool: it extends beyond seasons and can be used for multiple reasons.

Too many shoes? Consider donating to your local Goodwill.
Too many apps/extensions? Consider deleting/uninstalling.