Time: Making, Organizing, Understanding, Appreciating

Time: Making, Organizing, Understanding, Appreciating

Time, the treasured abstract noun, has woven itself into my learning opportunities during the last few weeks. As I considered my learning and growth, I noticed the connection of the subject’s insight being shared indirectly and directly with me. Just passing this along…

Making Time
1. During Eric Sheninger’s presentation, Pillars of Digital Leadership, to PLAEA administration, he discussed how we must make the time opposed to our failed attempt of finding the time…we will never find the time. Sheninger also prompted the audience to consider the time wasted on taking devices away from students.

Organizing Time
2. In an email to PLAEA staff attending the Big Picture learning experience on October 21, Jeff Herzberg leads consideration and reflection in a series of questions and prompts including: “What are you brave enough to stop doing?”

Understanding Time
3. Bob Bain during his keynote address to the Iowa Social Studies Conference, shared one of my favorite quotes from Soren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

Appreciating Time
4. I delivered professional learning for Sioux Central. As we discussed why connecting is important and how Feedly can help connect ideas to ideas, a concern for having the time was shared. As the efficiency was revealed of an RSS feed, an appreciation for the resource was conveyed as well as the design commitment to let the staff use what was shared during our time together.


Screenshot taken from session evaluation.