Stop. Start. Share. #mwgs

Stop. Start. Share. #mwgs

Mark Garrison, Director of Technology at White Bear Lake Schools, kicked off the Midwest Google Summit in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Garrison shared his inspirational story of adventure, technology, and commitment to improve continually with technology integration.

Garrison organized his keynote with the following prompts: Stop, start, share. The simple command organized with one of my favorite literary devices, alliteration, resonated with the collective. The prompt spurred a great learning experience and a serious reflection.

Check out Garrison’s Ted Talk: Technology, adventure, and change

Leslie Pralle Keehn and I took collaborative notes during the conference. We are committed to sharing our thinking-feel free to make sense of our learning: Olson, Pralle Keehn Notes. Our long drive home served as an opportunity to reflect. That reflection gave way to even more questions, but our contemplation lead to profound considerations. Truly, Garrison’s introduction to our two days in Wisconsin ignited conversation that is leading to action. What a simple prompt to spur reflection…

Thank you to all who organized the Midwest Google Summit and who presented!