Trivia Crack Delivers a Reminder…

Trivia Crack Delivers a Reminder…

Please note: I am not advocating for use of the app-it just so happened the app reminded me of experiences I value. The experience I value-described in this post-is not multiple-choice testing, memorization for memorization’s sake…this is just something to think about.

It spread. First, my daughter…then, my husband. Soon after, my son. I am not sure when the mania infiltrated the extended family’s devices, but before I had indulged, everyone it seemed was playing. Everyone was playing with each other. Everyone. I did not realize this at first, of course, not until I was inundated with question after question.

Husband: Who painted…
Me: Picasso
Alexandra: Who wrote…
Me: Chopin
Landon: Who said…
Me: Socrates

And so it continued and continued…questions about art, history, and literature found me. And when I answered, one of the family members instructed me to stay quiet as they were playing one another. Messages from relatives were delivered to me by my children. I realized Trivia Crack’s reach extended beyond the walls of our home.

Landon: Grandma wondered if you were still bringing cranberry salad to
Me: Yes. When did you talk to Gram?
Landon: I am right now. On here.
Me: Facetime?
Landon: No, I am playing Grandma on Trivia Crack.
Me: Of course. Trivia Crack…

I am fond of Jeopardy, and I pride myself with my mad Trivial Pursuit skill, but I had not heard of Trivia Crack. Clearly, this time, I was the last to know.  My son had submitted numerous questions for use in the game. He also discovered that his ability to guess a right answer is quite keen. My daughter and husband were tied for wins. As much as they both consulted me for a few of the categories, I figured I was tied with myself. I hadn’t even added the app. And so, to fully understand the allure, I decided to enter the trivia gaming world with my family cheering me on as I created an account. I have played a few games, won a few games, lost a few games. I have cringed at a few of the questions and their classification. I have winced at wording. I have questioned answers. I even had a few feverish flashbacks to my experience in multiple-choice testing hell-both as a teacher and as a student. But the questions and the answers-that is not the diamond. There was something else…as I played to uncover that shiny something else, I was reminded of what is attractive:

1. Social sharing, playing: We like to play with others.
2. Conversation matters: We like to talk to people when we play.
3. Ownership rocks: We like to make contributions.

Facts can start an awesome conversation that leads to a deep conceptual, life-altering, mind-blowing discussion, and the conversation surrounding the connected concept, life-altering, mind-blowing discussion make the facts matter. Facts should not be the end…nor the test, the golden ticket…or the guide. Landon found connection and challenge. Alex found competition. My husband found entertainment. And…well, I found something else.

I doubt I will continue playing the game. I am not much of a gamer. Perhaps, the novelty will wear off, perhaps not. But my few days submerged in the folds of Trivia Crack, I was reminded of what we appreciate. And in that revelation, I wished for that translation into all of our learning experiences:

1. Time to share
2. Time to connect
3. Time to play
4. Time to talk
5. Time to contribute
6. Time to know
7. Time to understand what we know
8. Time to understand what we don’t know
9. Time to be right
10. Time to be wrong
11. Time to try again
12. Time to do more than answer

Just something to think about…