Poetics, Apps Gone Free

Poetics, Apps Gone Free
Screenshot 2015-02-19 07.50.04

My first created poem on #poetics. Just playing…

I write poetry daily. In fact, several of my posts on this blog were written in poetic form. Thanks to @appsgonefree (this is both a website and app),  I recently added #poetics to the numerous avenues I choose to create. Daily, @appsgonefree delivers a list of iPhone and iPad apps that are free for the day.

The now $1.99 Poetics app accesses your camera, so you can bring in taken photos, or you can take a new photo. There are basic photo editing options within the app. When writing, the space is limited on the white tiles, so the design looks like a created “magnet poem”.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 07.50.40

Incorporating format…haiku!

Once the writing is created, the poem can be saved to the camera roll, or can be shared with numerous social media channels. I appreciate any app that connects to my media landscape, so I can publish easily sharing my creation with my PLN.

If you missed the free version this time around, I am certain @appsgonefree will deliver another treasure.  If you like the idea of photo and text…this is not the only app that can accomplish that combination. Most free photo editors have a text edit incorporated. Happy Creating!