Sharing More of the Awesome

Sharing More of the Awesome

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Often what gets attention is not what is right with the world, but what is wrong. After Leslie Pralle Keehn and I attended our first Google Summit, we were inspired to capture stories of innovation and inspiration. In the spirit of that quest and the spirit of Kid President, I created a form with a few simple questions collecting classroom successes. Please feel free to share and celebrate a few of the awesome stories happening in your building by filling out the form: Collection of Awesome. We will post throughout March. Below, you will find the second round of responses. Feel free to read the first post: Sharing the Awesome.

Shared Responses

Spencer Middle School (6-8) The middle school teachers have worked very hard to help communicate what is going on in their classrooms on a daily basis. Through weekly update emails and using a shared Google Calendar to show assignments, quizzes and exams on the school’s website, they are striving to be partners with everyone involved in the process of educating today’s youth.
Shared by: Chris Anderson, Technology Integrationist

Fort Dodge Middle School: Amanda Becker is constantly searching for better ways to engage her students. One of the ways she does this is by integrating technology into her classes. She recently had students create newscasts using iPads, specifically using iMovie to create and edit the videos. The students did a great job and then were able to share their videos with their parents through YouTube. This was very new to Amanda and her class did awesome with the project. Right away, though, she was thinking about ways to make it better which shows her willingness to adapt and change to the needs of her students.
Shared by: Aaron Schmidt, Technology Integration Coordinator

Pocahontas Area Community Middle and High School: Ms. Christians’ Music Technology Class. Students have ben setting up hardware (soundboards, ipads, guitars, and microphones.) The students have been creating original music clips using garage band and other programs, Student are using these music clips in videos for our PAC promotions class. Possibly making advertisement for the school district all student driven.
Shared by: Phil Trimble, Technology Director

Thank you for sharing a story from your school, Chris, Aaron, and Phil!