Who will tell your story?

Who will tell your story?

Each week I get the opportunity to work with children as they try to make a difference in the world. Each week I get to experience amazing stories, first hand.

In Laura Seiser’s 2nd grade class students are working on writing and illustrating their “dreams for the world.” The students have brainstormed ways to make the world a better place, from recycling, to adoption, to preventing forest fires, to helping animals. At 7 years old, they have a vision for how they can positively impact the world.

I walked into Tammy Massman’s 3rd grade class today, where kids are working to put together a fundraiser for the Not Perfect Hat Club, where they will be raising money for to help share the message that each child is unique and perfect in his or her own way.

Last Saturday students from all across Iowa met for #stucamp in Webster City and Bettendorf, problem solving issues that meant the most to them. The students discussed discipline, social media, school lunches, and learning styles among many other topics that they chose as important to them.

Each and every day teachers and students blow me away with their thoughtfulness, generosity, and insight. I know that as educators, you see this too. So I must ask you. How will you tell the stories? How will you empower students to tell their own stories? Because you and I are lucky. We get to be a samll part of every verse written by every student, for they each have a contribution to make.

Every single one of your students has a story to tell and we get to be part of the pages.

Every single one of your students has the opportunity to live a life worth writing about.

Every single one your students has the opportunity to live a life worth reading about.

And every single one of your students has the opportunity to write that story for others to read.