#Notanicebucket challenge but a #stoppretending challenge!

#Notanicebucket challenge but a #stoppretending challenge!

When it comes to education, we have to stop pretending…

  • that semester/trimester tests are preparing students for college exams.
  • that students’ homework is not complete and of poor quality because students are lazy or don’t understand the concept.
  • that the best way for students to receive the information that they need before they do the bigger, more important projects is to do a lecture.
  • that group work is helping students become better collaborators and communicators.
  • that behavior management systems help students become self-directed, self-regulated, and self-reliant learners.

So I thought that I should provide rationale to support each of these points, but instead I decided to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Who best would know this?

Bullet #1: Ask the kids

Bullet #2: Ask the kids and their parents

Bullet #3: Ask the kids and businesses

Bullet #4: Ask the kids and businesses

Bullet #5: Ask the kids, their parents, and businesses

I’m tagging @willrich45@grantwiggins@chrislehmann@pammoran & @herz6kids to share their 5 things that we have to stop pretending.

Please share and take the challenge that @mcleod started! When it comes to education, what are 5 things that we have to stop pretending? Post on your blog, tag 5 others, and share using the #makeschooldifferent hashtag.