Forbes, How we do business, #1st5days

Forbes, How we do business, #1st5days

After reading about the Most Innovative Companies in Europe, I wondered how the companies’ ideology and mission supported their success. Curious, I visited the website for innovative companies #1 and #10 mentioned in Forbes.

#1  ARM designs the technology that is at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices.

#10 Capita is UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions.

It wasn’t the business that impressed me despite the businesses being quite impressive. It was the commitment to learning and growing that did. ARM’s beliefs are inspiring “…our engineers can do anything and as a leader in our field, continual self-betterment through reflection and feedback, coaching, training and education, is the lifeblood of personal and organizational change.” Screenshot 2015-08-27 23.26.50

Capita’s commitment to supporting is equally inspiring. “We value proactive, self-motivating people with ideas, energy, commitment. And we encourage them by insisting that no doors are closed and every voice will be heard.” Hmm… If those words are backed with support for personal, structural, social motivation and ability, it is no surprise the companies are successfully innovative.

Today marks the last day in the first week of school for many students in the region. There are numerous educators I know and appreciate who share the ideas ARM and Capita embody. Imagine if the system, however, was designed with these ideals as the driving force for how business is done. If the first week of school students knew and felt “every voice will be heard.” If educators felt inspired realizing their growth was supported and encouraged, “We value proactive, self-motivating people with ideas, energy, commitment.”

Beyond what I saw on the companies’ webpages, I know very little about who they are and what they actually do. But I do know no matter the field, business, or circumstance, valuing who we serve,
valuing ideas, and valuing growth should be part of what we do and how we do business.