International Dot Day! September 15thISH!

International Dot Day! September 15thISH!

Celebrating the mark we all make and celebrating “creativity, courage, and collaboration” is the heart of Dot Day. There are numerous resources for taking part, including ideas on the official website.

This is not about a one day, one time, gone in 60 seconds event, but about honoring our students by supporting them, by helping them, and by acknowledging the mark they make matters. I would include extending that appreciation and celebration to the colleagues we work with as well.


I am forever thankful to my teachers who let my talents enter the classroom instead of taking my pencil and notebook away when I was choosing to write poetry during science, when I was memorizing my play script during Spanish, when I was writing stories in math. So my poems became science notes, and we began acting out skits in Spanish. My math teacher became a reader of my work as long as I became a solver of her equations. I was encouraged not punished. I was supported.

I am grateful for my colleagues who continue to support and celebrate what I contribute.

Happy Dot Day, friends!