My First Maker Day!

My First Maker Day!

I have recently experienced my first maker experience in a school.  What a sight to be seen!  I had read about them, I had visited a large maker faire but had never witnessed it at work in the hallowed halls of a school.  IMG_1233The engagement of students was incredible.

What is a maker experience in a school?  It began with the maker movement which is, in a nutshell, a combining of inventors/tinkerers/designers and technology.  The popularity of the movement within schools might be fueled by needing more IMG_1239tactile, physical attributes of science and engineering pursuits to engage young students (without losing them in a screen).  Some schools have devoted areas, blank canvases,

During my recent “first”, I facilitated three different stations: Sphero Chariot Racing, Cardboard Creation and littleBits for Big Brains.  Each session was designed around the following framework (a shoutout to my teammate Erin Olson for her expertise!):

  • Explanation (less than 5 minutes)
  • Brainstorm/Think time (5 minutes)
  • Create (20-30 minutes)
  • Reflect/Share (10 minutes)
  • Revision (10-15 minutes)
  • Celebrate/Final Reflect (10-15 minutes)

IMG_1256The above framework  guided the kids perfectly (and me too!). I was nearly brought to tears towards the end of the second day… the level of engagement and concentration while the students were creating with the littleBits circuitry was off-the-charts INCREDIBLE!  I have been around the block, I have taught for almost a decade and let me assure you, this maker movement is something to pay attention to.  I believe (hope, pray, wish, desire, crave)
this is the future of our education.  Kids central, kids creating, kids problem-solving, kids engaged, kids interested, kids collaborating, kids IMG_1254designing, kids planning, kids active.

Kids. Loving. Learning.