One to Remember ITEC15

One to Remember ITEC15

This year’s ITEC was special for many reasons…
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Leka DeGroot, Spirit Lake elementary teacher, was honored with the ITEC Educator Award. Her commitment to learning and connecting students is inspiring. Her willingness to share the journey is commendable. Julie Graber and I along with the rest of the PLAEA technology integrationist team celebrated Leka’s honor! Woot! Woot! Woot!

I was nominated by my dearest friend Shaelynn Farnsworth for the ITEC Statewide Technology Award. When Shaelynn voxed me letting me know I was chosen by the board for this honor, I cried.Screenshot 2015-10-17 18.03.33 This was not expected. This was a surprise. When I read the nomination letters written by Shaelynn, Leslie Pralle Keehn, Deb Day, and Tim Hadley, I was again brought to tears. I am supported by educators and technology directors and integrationists across the state and nation. I am inspired by their work, their commitment, and their enthusiasm. I am honored, and I know I only get to do what I do because I have a treasured PLN who challenges and supports me. I am grateful. I do not feel deserving, but I do feel grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I gave my first Ignite talk…well, kind of, well, sort of…well…At the last moment, I changed my slide Screenshot 2015-10-17 18.32.57timings fearing the loss of control-I needed to click. I did not deliver 20 slides in 5 minutes as an Ignite would require-I was over by 3 minutes.Ugh. I loved sharing my story, but I would have loved this even more if I would have done what I intended to do. I never thoughScreenshot 2015-10-17 18.41.12t I could agonize over 3 minutes, but I have. I am not giving up, however. I will do this again, and I WILL NOT remove my timings. I am glad Leslie Pralle Keehn shared Screenshot 2015-10-17 19.05.01during the Ignite, too. Her delivery and message rocked! Of course, it was comforting to have company in this experience.  I also appreciated the words of support and recording skill of Meredith Allen. I hope ITEC has this as an option for next year!

Screenshot 2015-10-17 18.19.35During my Showing Thinking: Sketchnote and Design session, I shared avenues for utilizing as well as a few options for creating. Screenshot 2015-10-15 15.43.01Session goers were given time to complete sketchnote and design challenges.

During my So Classroom Discussions Don’t Stink session,  resources and avenues to help incite meaningful conversation connected to concept and content were shared. This also included opportunity to experience a backchannel used as a pre and post assessment.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 10.05.35

created during day 2 keynote

Truly, I appreciate the time to connect and learn and share. I appreciate the opportunity to be challenged. Both keynotes delivered an inspiring message. Ramsey Musallam’s Cultivating Curiosity reminded us of what is important with technology integration and reminded us all the importance of feedback-feedback from students about their experiences, the importance of listening to that feedback, and then acting, modifying, adapting, changing because of that feedback. His humor combined with hard truth engaged us all. Read more on his blog Cycles of Learning. The second day, Eric Sheninger’s keynote Digital Leadership, spoke about leadership, learning environment, and technology. His message of meaningful integration resonated with me. His story of evolution-one who banned to one who empowered is always inspiring to hear.

This year’s ITEC is one I will surely remember…Thank you to all of attendees, students, presenters, volunteers, organizers, sponsors, and ITEC board members who continue to make this conference great.