First National #StuCamp, Guest Post: Dane Barner

First National #StuCamp, Guest Post: Dane Barner

What an awesome opportunity for students to connect and collaborate with the support of educators who value voice, who encourage and who inspire! Thank you, Dane Barner, for sharing the information below: 

Student Voice: Our country’s richest untapped natural resource.

We hold the fundamental belief that kids can change the world; that the ones most affected by education are the ones least consulted; that the voices of our children hold the key to unlocking the possibilities of tomorrow.


We are excited and proud to announce that the nation is listening. On Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 1pm EST, we will be hosting the first-ever national #StuCamp via Unhangout. Over 150 middle and high school students from across three states will be brought together to share, learn, collaborate, and grow. Our children deserve a seat at the table – a chance to share their vision, questions, and expertise with a global audience of peers. This is the mission of #StuCamp.

Our efforts serve to complement the student-led unconferences that are happening in classrooms, schools, and states like Iowa right now. The Unhangout tool, created by students at MIT, is an open source platform for running large scale unconferences online. Our hope is, similar to the EdCamp movement, this serves as a launching point. Our hope is that this event spurs international urgency to connect kids and give them an opportunity to share and learn about content that matters to them.

Above all, though, our hope is that adults listen to and learn from the thoughtfulness, passion, and genius of our future.


The National #StuCamp Steering Committee

Meg Roa, Florida
Srishti Sethi, Massachusetts
Dane Barner, Iowa
Steve Figurelli, New Jersey

A special thanks to the EdCamp Foundation – specifically Kristen Swanson and Hadley Ferguson for their unwavering support and encouragement!