Another View…

Another View…

Another View…consider how you can use technology to help students see the world, hear the world, discuss the world, write the world, and/or care about the world?

AirPano A collection of videos capturing spaces and places around the globe. As we consider the relationship between setting and mood as well as setting and conflict, seeing a place beyond a still image is powerful. The visual prompt proves helpful when asking students to create and consider. The videos include sounds, so some of the videos could also be used a relaxation/calming strategy.

Discovery VR  A collection of VR videos “dedicated to bringing our viewers amazing stories and experiences from around the world…” When learning about experiences, when learning about places, the support exists for students to experience and to see a place without leaving a classroom. Of course, this does not replace a physical tour, but it does provide a powerful visual. Thanks to Pocahontas Area Schools Technology Director, Phil Trimble, for sharing the awesome VR collection and for showing me these two awesome videos from Discovery: A Fight to Save Threatened Species and Elephants on the Brink.

Google Cardboard A virtual reality viewer. Purchase a viewer, or make your own. Last year, after attending the Midwest Google Summit and experiencing VR, I purchased a cardboard kit from Amazon. It was inexpensive VRIMG_3721and easy to assemble. I recently customized my cardboard with designed duct tape. Directions can be found online to create your own…for free!

…Another View. Today, I used my iPhone, the YouTube app, and a video to fly with the Blue Angels. Whether used as a writing prompt, source for inspiration, support for building background knowledge, and/or support for visualization, incorporating images and video with meaningful design can be powerful.