I Wish My Teacher Knew . . . A Promise to Students

I Wish My Teacher Knew . . . A Promise to Students

As we think about the new year, we typically think of new beginnings or resolutions that we promise to start doing. Reading an article written by Bettendorf HS students, Karly Lent and Selena Johnson, titled I wish my teacher knew . . . in the December 11th edition of The Growl sparked an idea for a potential teacher’s promise to students for the new year. For the article, the girls interviewed students and asked them what they wish their teachers knew. The interview gave students a voice, and a few of the students’ responses were as follows:

     “That if they relate things to the real world, it is easier to learn than all the 
     textbook stuff.”
     “That they need to interact with their students more.”
     “Some kids don’t learn from doing a whole bunch of worksheets.”
     “That doing activities in class is an easier way for students to learn instead of
     them just talking the whole time.”

What do these quotes say to a teacher? How could a teacher take one of these and start changing the content or interactions with students? Imagine the possibilities or new beginnings that could occur if some action was taken during second semester!

While these two high school students asked their fellow classmates to share their responses for their newspaper article, teachers could use this question and turn it into a long-term promise by asking students this question on a more frequent basis.

Are teachers actively seeking feedback from their students? If not, it might be a great 2016 New Year’s Resolution!