On the Subject of Mattering…A Few Things to Consider

On the Subject of Mattering…A Few Things to Consider

Tuesday, January 5 I was fortunate to hear Angela Maiers address Prairie Lakes AEA administrators in Storm Lake. Her message of mattering has always resonated with me. Her passion for empowering student voice has always inspired me.

Why do we do what we do? Why do we choose to lead here?
Just as Simon Sinek explains, we must begin with the why. There is power in this and purpose. The why drives what we do. Today, Angela Maiers began by asking us all to consider why we lead in Iowa. I have been asked why I went into education, I have been asked why I chose English as my major, but I do not think I have ever been asked why Iowa.

How does our setting make us feel? Inspire us? Welcome us?
Angela challenged us all to consider the experiences we create and the environment we design, “Everything speaks. Everything matters.” From the parking lot to the door students enter, from the office decor, to the classroom seating arrangement, “Everything speaks. Everything matters.” I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the welcoming messages PLAEA, Deb Gade, writes on the sidewalk with chalk as we enter the building.

What We Do Matters…
Mark Moran concluded by sharing the story of Bill Snyder, Kansas State coach, who through letter writing has made certain people know they matter. Snyder’s commitment to genuine sentiment is heart-warming proof that words have power.

I always appreciate hearing the #youmatter message. More importantly, each time I hear, I am inspired to be better.

For more information about how to make mattering the agenda, check out: Mattering is the Agenda Toolkit