World Read Aloud Day 2/24/16

World Read Aloud Day 2/24/16
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On February 24, 2016 classrooms will take part in World Read Aloud Day. There are numerous ways to celebrate literacy. Author,Kate Messner, curated a list of authors willing to Skype on #WRAD16 to help educators make those connections. I have included below a list of ideas for celebrating beyond inviting a reader into the room.
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Idea: Provide students with a prompt related to the power of reading. Ask students to respond to the prompt in a phrase or a sentence. Collect responses. Arrange to create a poem. Each student is responsible for reading their line. Illustrate the performance with student photography or art that reinforces the theme of the class designed poem. Practice, record, publish, and share.
Tech: Use a collaborative backchanneling platform like TodaysMeet to collect responses, a Google doc or use paper post-its. Students could use an image edit and design site like Queeky, Pixlr, or Psykopaint to create the image to accompany their line or to accompany a section. If collecting numerous images and working with another school, Dropbox  or Google Drive might serve as a wonderful space to share work. Record on top of a PowerPoint or Keynote, use iMovie, Animoto,Voicethread, Adobe VoiceYouTube…there are numerous options!

Idea: Provide students with an example poem that connects to your current teaching unit. Model voice blocking showing how to use rate, tone, volume to create a desired effect. After a practice performance, have students find a poem that connects your unit. Perhaps the connection is thematic or it could be subject specific. Students should be able to explain the connection. Students can voice block the poem. Perhaps students partner with a classmate to perform the poem, or partner with another grade. Practice, record, publish, and share.
Tech: Use a website like Voicethread to keep the recorded performances in one place. Pictures could be taken of the individual readers or the reading partners and then the readers could record their voice reading using the comment feature. See an example: Celebrating Literacy. Students could record their voice using Adobe Voice, VocarooChatterpix Kids…the options are endless. Students could screencast using MoveNote or Screencastify. Students could use apps like 30Hands and Shadow Puppet as well.

Idea: Students collect 4-6 of their favorite books. From each book, students can choose an important phrase or line. Students should stack the books to create a book spine poem. Students can read the phrases or line from each book-that reading should also read like a poem. Students can take a picture of the book spine poem and record their voice reading. Practice, record, publish, and share.
Tech: Use an editing tool like Aviary to edit the image. Use a website like Fotobabble to create-upload a picture and record on top of the picture, or students could screencast using MoveNote or Screencastify. Since each student will have a different link for their recording. Use a Linoit, Padlet or a Googledoc as a space/place for students to share their link with the class and teacher.

Happy World Read Aloud Day! Please share your celebrations and creations to #WRAD16 and #plaea


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