Tech Use-Universal Constructs (4 C’s)

Tech Use-Universal Constructs (4 C’s)

As I contemplate technology, its use, its purpose, I consider technology I use daily. The access that helps me accomplish the work I must accomplish, the tools that help me create all I must create, the Screenshot 2015-10-13 10.05.35avenues that help me publish and share all I must publish and share, the channels that help me communicate all I must communicate, and the spaces and places that help me learn all I must learn.


As of 2:30 PM on Monday, March 7 -Work related tech use:

1) Communication: Voxer, Twitter, Instagram, Text, Google+ chat, email, Zoom, and I talked on a phone. I also worked with real people face to face just as I worked with people virtually.
2) Collaboration: Google doc class agenda, Google doc meeting agenda
3) Creation: Canva, this blog, Google doc
4) Critical Thinking: Reading the book High Impact Instruction, examined Universal Constructs, read research about impact of environment on learning thanks to Google Scholar

As avenues change, and what was once free becomes paid, I consider what will last the test of time. It seems an easy answer: all that allows, inspires, and encourages communication, collaboration,
creation, and critical thinking (4 C’s of the Universal Constructs).

There are numerous models to utilize when evaluating and planning technology integration. I do believe it valuable for us all to consider: how are we supporting students to use (insert tech) for communication, collaboration, creation, and critical thinking?