Making a Memory

Making a Memory

Years ago, my dad and I spent a weekend creating a wind chime. We sketched out a plan, and made a list of the necessary supplies. We went to the hardware store. We set up our work station in the storage room in the basement. My dad with his pencil tucked behind his ear, instilled the importance of wearing safety glasses and measuring. Always, always wear safety glasses. Always, always measure. That weekend we made a wind chime. But more than that, we made a memory.

I was reminded of making and its power when supporting NEH with their maker day. Special guests accompanied kids into the room where I shared my passion for story building. Using Toontastic, students and their special guests created a story in the time given. After a short introduction, the group began on their making quest.

It is interesting to observe the creation process. The conversations that happen, the excitement that comes with ideas…it truly is something to see. Too often we misplace value seeing the end result as the gem opposed to the treasured experience.

I no longer have my wind chime; I do have the memory of the experience, and for that, I am thankful.

Check out one of the many creations from that day: StoryBuilding. I am certain this, too, will be a cherished memory for the makers of this Toontastic short.