5 Photo Stories

The Project

Inspired by Wes Fryer’s 5 Photo Stories this learning quest works to incorporate the power of image as an illustrator and as a storyteller. No matter the goal-narrative, argument, exposition, or description-5 Photo Stories can connect to concept and curricular goal by your design and our support. Wes Fryer defines the 5 photo story as “a collection of five images which tell a story of some kind without using supplementary text, audio, or video. The five photos should ‘stand alone’ as a story.”

The Process

1. Identify a concept, idea, process or narrative you would like to illustrate

2. Use a storyboard to organize your ideas

3. Take 5 photos to tell a story

4. Edit photos to support your story’s theme

5. Publish your story


On the computer we suggest creating a Google Presentation and copy the link to share. For tablet users, an app such as Educreations might be more user-friendly. Share your work to the hashtag #ccs1516!



Creating a Presentation: Google Slides, Educreations
*This Google Sheets tutorial demonstrates how to access the published embed code, we ask that you please submit the URL link, not the HTML embed code.

Images: Flickr Photos Library of Congress

Citing Images: Owl at Purdue EasyBib

Photo Editing: PicMonkey, PsykoPaint, Aviary

Storyboarding: Printable Storyboard Templates

Student Examples

Spring 2014 5 Photo Stories