How to…

The Project

How to… Where passion, concept, and tutorial converge to provide an avenue for student voice and creativity while increasing an appreciation of process. This learning quest honors the power in sharing a process. No matter the curricular goal and connection, students can demonstrate their understanding through tutorial while considering their talent and passion. The ‘How to..” quest acknowledges student expertise as they identify a concept, idea, process or skill they would like to teach or show others how to do.


The Process

1. Thinking about your passions and your talents, identify a concept, idea, process or skill you would like to teach or show others how to do

2. Use a storyboard to organize your ideas.

3. Create a ‘how to’ using videos, screencasting, or images to tell your story

4. Publish your story

5. Share the link to your work with us so we can put it on our website and share with the world


1. Feel free to create using a video creation resource, presentation, screencast-your choice!

2. Fill out the submission form and insert your link to share your work on the ‘How to’ webpage

3. Visit the response page from the form above to view others’ work and connect with other creators!



Creating a Tutorial: Video, Screencast, Presentation (please submit the URL link, not the HTML embed code)

Suggested technologies:

Storyboarding: Printable Storyboard Templates