ISTE 2016

Three Different Ways for Digital Citizenship

  • Presenter: Leslie Pralle Keehn
  • Purpose, Objective & Description: In this session, we will explore different ways in which Digital Citizenships looks like at different levels. Having the ability to teach global awareness, citizenship across multi platforms is critical. Students need to be made aware of the world around them. In this session we will examine ways in which digital citizenship is integrated into daily instruction across all grade levels.
  • Session Resources here.

Connected Creativity: Out My Window

  • Presenters: Leslie Pralle Keehn & Erin Olson
  • Purpose, Objective & Description: Launched at the 2013 Global Education conference, “Out My Window” was born from a quest to have students gain global perspective. “Out My Window” classrooms share their world. Inspired by the five themes of geography, students reveal cultural awareness and understanding through original poetry and photography. Too often ideas are shared, but educators do not have the luxury of experiencing the creation process. During this session, participants will create and share. This will also help when educators consider how they will personalize the idea to use with their students. Educators will have opportunity to discuss and share their creation, and perhaps forge another collaborative connection with other participants.
  • Session Resources here.

Creativity Playground – Online Music Tools: Building Bridges Across Platforms

  • Presenter: Meredith Allen
  • Purpose: Showcase new and emerging technologies that can support creative skills and behaviors in students and educators.
  • Objective: Participants will experiment with and identify technologies that may be useful in their contexts to foster student and educator creativity.
  • Session Description: Music is a universal language that should be composed, created and celebrated in classrooms across the globe. Available music tools/programs, classroom ideas, and success stories of music classroom collaborations will be showcased!
  • Session Resources here.