Out My Window #omw1415

The Project

Launched at the 2013 Global Education conference, “Out My Window” was born from a quest to have students gain global perspective. “Out My Window” classrooms share their world. Inspired by the five themes of geography, students reveal cultural awareness and understanding through original poetry and photography.

The Process

1. Take a photo “out your window”.

2. Write a poem incorporating the 5 themes of geography – place, location, human environment interaction, region, and movement. Look below for poetry and 5 themes resources

3. Edit your photo to your liking. Look below for editing tips.

-We suggest overlaying the text onto the image like the example shown, but you can also add it separately if you’d like.

4. Share!


1. Create a Flickr account if you don’t already have one.

The Flickr #outmywindow group is public and by submitting you agree to the group norms

2. Once you have logged into Flickr and been added to the #outmywindow group, you can start uploading your finished product!

3. Be sure to use our Twitter hashtag – #omw1415 to continue sharing your work!

Poetry Resources

Types of Poetry


5 Themes of Geography Resources

Basic Explanation

5 Themes Explained

Image Resources


We recommend using Pic Monkey for editing and have included instructions for that website. PicMonkey also has a Chrome extension available. However, there are many great photo programs available, so feel free to use any programs or apps you are comfortable with – or let your students choose their own! For mobile devices, Aviary is an excellent app available for both Apple and Android devices.

Editing with PicMonkey

Uploading to Flickr

Students Look Out Their Window