ISTE 2015

This is where we will put our session resources from the 2015 ISTE conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Please contact us if you have any questions about these materials!

Sunday, June 28

  • (Re)designing tech-infused lessons for deeper thinking (Scott & Julie)

Monday, June 29

  • (Re)designing lessons with trudacot [1-in-3] (Scott)

Tuesday, June 30

  • From extracurricular to curricular: Empowering students at school, not just at home [IGNITE] (Scott)
  • Introducing teachers to trudacot (Scott)
    • Playground resources [coming soon]

Wednesday, July 1

  • Beyond TPACK and SAMR: Getting concrete with classroom technology integration redesign (Scott)
    • Presentation slides (.key .pdf) [coming soon]