Northeast Hamilton iPads

iMotion App

Using stop motion technology with students for the purpose of demonstrating their learning


Introductions (10 minutes)

  • New Faces
  • About the team, our philosophy
  • YOUR professional learning, not mine – feel free to interrupt
  • Pick a recorder

Getting Started (15 minutes)

  • Clarity Data
  • iPad Refresher
  • Self-identified “experts” for the day

Essential Outcomes

1. Teacher makes and share a 50 frame stop-motion video of a topic applicable to their classroom that could be used as an exemplar

2. Creation of a group facilitation plan/guide

3. Students create a stop motion video to demonstrate their learning in their course work

Group Play – Make Your Video (25 minutes)

1. Plan

2. Create

3. Share

Group Discussion – How Does this Work in the Classroom (25 minutes)

  • Creation of Facilitation Guide

Homework – Due Sept. 28

1. Identify Learning Outcome

2. Have students or groups of students make a stop motion video OR create your own to share with students

3. Upload and share the video with Larry ( and Leslie (


Evaluation (5 minutes)


Examples & Resources:

Math Example

Paper Example

Truck Example

History (NEH) Example

Lego Construction Example

Whiteboard Example

Flowers Awakening (Time Lapse)

Claymation and Stop Motion in the Classroom