Thinking, The Art Show

The Project

Design, content/concept, and reflection converge to create sketchnotes. Sketchnoting captures thinking during and after an interaction with rhetoric (reading, video, lecture, TED talk, etc.). Through literal and figurative representation, doodle, text, and structure combine to create a visual story. The opportunity to creatively capture thoughts and incorporate art in the process aids in comprehension. Not only is sketchnoting a creative option for complex processing, it can result in a creative complex work.

The Process

  1. Identify a time when students need help processing, organizing, and making sense of information. This may include a reading, video, lecture, TED talk, etc.
  2. Visual notes can be used for summarizing, concept mapping, or even guiding discussion. They can be a tool for processing, as well as communicating ideas.
    1. You might try practicing as a group on a large poster paper, or have students try it with a text or information they are somewhat familiar with.
  3. Use text, image, and structure to organize information in a way that makes sense and allows you to draw connections, build and demonstrate understanding…
  4. Share students’ work




Connecting Creativity, at its core, functions on the ideal that student work, particularly writing and design, should be published and shared. As a teacher, if you already have a channel in place to share student work, such as a blog, website, or social media account, we ask that you share the link(s) to student work with us to continue to share with others. If you do not have a method for sharing student work, we invite you publish your students’ work via one of our channels. We would be happy to post student work on Additionally, if you would like support in setting up your own channel for publishing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Apps



Sylvia Tolisano’s Sketchnoting for Learning

Wes Fryer’s Visual Notes Page

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Sketch Noting

30Hands (draw on slides)

Paper 53

My Sketch Paper

Consider capturing photos of sketch notes created in notebooks, posters, etc. Use photo editing apps to create a polished final product.

Picmonkey (take a picture of your paper sketchnotes/edit)

Web Tools:
VideoScribe (7 Day Free Trial)

Pow Toon