Writing Remix: Infographics

The Project

Purpose, information, and design converge to create an infographic. An infographic is used to synthesize information into a visually appealing, concise representation of a complex idea. Through the research process, students will synthesize information for their designated purpose. Students can meet the demands of the Core without sacrificing the needs of an audience. The quest still gives power to the research process, the writing process, and the presentation of that work.

The Process

1. Establish a purpose/narrative

Resource: Selecting a topic

2. Research, brainstorm, and write the story you want to be able to tell

3. Choose the type of visual representation most suited to your purpose and audience Remember, an infographic is meant to present complex ideas clearly

4. Design your infographic to support the purpose

a. Make sure the focus of your infographic is clear

b. Infographics are meant to tell a story quickly; large amounts of text are generally not well suited to the idea of an infographic

5. Share students’ work


Connecting Creativity, at its core, functions on the ideal that student work, particularly writing, should be published and shared. Similarly, people judge the success and failure of an infographic on its ability to be shared with the public and make a statement. Companies invest large sums of money in publicity for their infographics. As a teacher, if you already have a channel in place to share student work, such as a blog, website, or social media account, we ask that you share the link(s) to student work with us to continue to share with others. If you do not have a method for sharing student work, we invite you publish your students’ work via one of our channels. We would be happy to post student work on rethinkredesign.org. Additionally, if you would like support in setting up your own channel for publishing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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