Written with Code

The Project

Written with Code…Where coding serves as a learning adventure, helping nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity” (Hour of Code). This learning quest, connected to The Hour of Code, honors the language and power of computer programming, specifically, binary. Our play on binary code and patterns, creativity, and language offer a unique opportunity for students to create. No matter the curricular goal, connection, and/or experience, students can participate. The Written with Code quest speaks to the importance of computer science by introducing students to the endless possibilities of coding and creation.


The Process

  • This month we really want to encourage you to try coding, in any format. We have created an example of one way you might do this, but you will find links and resources on this page to numerous avenues to explore the wide world of coding. Coding is its own language; its own 21st century literacy. Because technology is all around us, computer science is all around us. If we can learn a little computer science, we can change technology. If we can change technology, we can change the world as we know it.
  1. Teachers: Prepare by familiarizing yourself with the basics of binary. Check  out this video from ThinkerSmith’s KikivsIT shares a really simple explanation of Code.org‘s Binary Bracelet lesson.
  2. Use this Binary Code page from Code.org as the basis for your design.
  3. Have students brainstorm other ways they could represent the “on” and “off” of binary code; pictures, letters, words, other symbols.
  4. Let students create using their version of binary! Check out this example.



We want you to feel free to share any part of your journey during Hour of Code. Submit reflections, photos,  videos, and of course, your creations for us to publish and share with the world! If you’re on social media, be sure to share student work to #HourofCode and #PLAEAHOC, along with our Connecting Creativity hashtag, #CCS1516


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Check out our resource for more coding apps and info for getting started!

Capturing the Coding Experience

Image December Code
Suggested technologies:

Storyboarding: Printable Storyboard Templates